20 July 2008

Brief History

  • Signed under KRU Recrods from 2000 - 2002, consisting of Jimmy Shanley, Zimy and Jim.
  • Disbanded in 2002 due to Zimy's pursue for a degree overseas. Jim became lead vocalist of X-Factor and Jimmy Shanley became the host of Astro's Trek Selebriti.
  • Re-grouped in late 2006 under the name Fourtones, consisting of Zimy, Eddz, Nicholl and Ryshmann. Fourtones made Top 10 of the Malaysian leg of Gang Starz season 1 and was a frequent participant of Papita-organised concerts at lake Titiwangsa and Dataran Merdeka.
  • Re-branded as Trez in late 2007, made up of original members Jim and Zimy, and Eddz replacing Jimmy Shanley.

12 July 2008

3 dazzling vocals come out with a new single soon...