29 December 2010

Hanya Kerna Nota - Official Video (July 2009 by Zaaf Productions @ Klang)

Catch Hanya Kerna Nota's official music video on youtube!!!

we've been quiet... for a good reason!

hi gang... yes.. it's been so long since you last heard from Trez... we were hiding away... not from you guys.. but trying to look for new material for our next single...

So now, under the management of Koperasi Artis Kuala Lumpur (KAKL), Trez will be releasing a new single next year! We're in the midst of recording it... so please be patient. We're just as excited as you to hear it!Check out some of these photos at the recording studio of KAKL!

09 July 2009

Rakaman klip-klip video Trez di Klang! - July 2009

Thank you Muzik Aktif (RTM & Astro) for producing 3 music videos for Trez. The shoot was all done in Klang from 7am till 7pm! The video clips were for Hanya Kerna Nota, Jangan Menangis and Negatif.

Special thanks goes out to Kak Mina (who took super good care of us) and for the entire film crew (Paul - Director, Wai Ling - Production Mgr, Yuki - Hair & Make Up, Dinol - Production House Manager, Abg Fauzi - Runner, Heng and gang!).

Insyaallah, the video clips should be aired before Ramadhan! Will keep you guys updated!

Enjoy some of the pix taken during the shoot!

Shoot from Negatif at Northpoint Klang:

Shoot from Jangan Menangis at an abandoned flour factory:

Shoot from Hanya Kerna Nota at the same abandoned flour factory: