31 December 2008

Happy New Year!

Trez would like to wish all the fans out there a very Happy New Year! Let's work and hope for a fanTREZtic year ahead!

Trez @ Titiwangsa for Papita - 28 Nov '08

Hi Peeps, for those who missed our show @ Titiwangsa... take a peak at some of the snapshots, courtesy of Azie! :-D

22 December 2008

19 December 2008

"Hanya Kerna Nota" needs your support.

Hi All,

Pls request or vote for Hanya Kerna Nota so that it receives frequent airplay on radio. Appreciate your support! Thanks in advance!

For Hot FM, visit:

For Suria FM, visit:

For X-Fresh, visit:

For Muzik FM, visit

Otherwise, you can also call the radios directly and request for HKN.

16 December 2008

TREZ@Mu'aadzam Shah, Kuantan Pahang


To all fans out there, terutama yang berada di Area2 mu'aadzam Shah TREZ dijemput bersama2 penduduk untuk menjayakan persembahan...

Date :21/12/2008
Time:09:00am until 06:00pm

see you there....

10 December 2008

waiting for calltime...hotfm 30 @tv9

waiting for calltime....sms who zimy?

02 December 2008

TREZ@hotfm30 di TV9


To all fans out there, dont forget to watch hotfm 30 @ tv9 this Sunday (07/12/2008). Trez was invited as guest artist for this program and will perform HKN too. To all fans out there, dnt forget to watch the program and vote for the song. will update.....

World AIDS 2008 - PT Foundation

Guys, what do u do ? hehehe...ohhh darling darling stand by me....

Zimy, Eddz, Ben Ibrahim, Cheryl Samad and Jim